Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That's a wrap!

I have a confession to make.

I ate hot lunch this week. Out of sheer lack of options to pack a lunch, I decided I'd just eat hot lunch. It was mini corn dogs. Confession #2: they were delicious. Do you ever eat something that you know is disgusting, yet that disgustingness just makes it all that much more delicious? Yeah it was like that. Unfortunately, not only was I hungry about 2 hours later, my stomach was queasy all afternoon.

Lesson learned, here's tomorrow's lunch:
Wrap: salami, pepperoni, pizza sauce and mozzarella in a delicious rosemary and olive oil wrap, Mott's fruit snacks, a banana, a few chips, juice, and a piece of a brownie. These brownies are made at a local grocery store, they are called Bad Boy Brownies, and they are to die for. So good, you only need about an inch square and its plenty.


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